Marriage Records,
Ephratah 1889


The following records are listed in chronological order of the date of event.  They are on page 94, entries 32-46 of Marriage Records in the Town of Ephratah.  With grateful acknowledgement, they were forwarded to the site by Claudia Bement and she writes:   " I am tracking the "Congdon" surname in Herkimer, Otsego, and Fulton counties.  Specifically, Smith T. and Eleanor F. Congdon who lived in Lasselsville from ca. 1880 through early 1900's, and their descendents Morris Congdon, Frances Congdon, DeEtte Congdon, Lilah Congdon and Walter Congdon. The thanks goes to Evelyn Frasier for providing the information."


Marriage Date:  January 1, 1889
Bride: Phebe E. Becker, age 23, Bplace: Stone Arabia  Cur. Residence:  Stone Arabia
Father:  Henry Becker,  Mother:  ______    Occupation:  
Groom:  Thaxter D. Vedder, age 25, Bplace:  J_____ Current Residence:  Johnstown Father:  Deloss Vedder,  Mother:  Catharine Vedder   Occupation:  Blacksmith


Marriage Date:  January 2, 1889
Bride: Carrie Alma Snell, age 24, Bplace: St. Johnsville Current Residence:  Lassellsville Father:  Christopher R. Snell,  Mother:  Mary C. Fitch    Occupation:  
Groom:  Amos Keck, age 25, Bplace:  Oppenheim  Current Residence:  Lassellsville Father:  Moses Keck,  Mother:  Elida N. Hays   Occupation:  Carpenter


Marriage Date:  January 3, 1889
Bride: Rachel Philemia Hille, age 20, 
Bplace: New Kirks Current Residence: New Kirks
Father:  Henry Hille,  Mother:  ______    Occupation:  
Groom: Dewitt Clinton Perry, age 24, Bplace:  Oppenheim  Cur. Residence:  Lassellsville Father:  John W. Perry,  Mother:  Adelia Vaness   Occupation:  Laboroer


Marriage Date:  January 16, 1889
Bride: Lela Leavett, age 23, Bplace: Oppenheim  Current Residence:  Oppenheim
Father:  Jefferson Leavitt,  Mother: Mary Van Nostrand    Occupation:  
Groom:  Klock Handy, age 29, Bplace:  Oppenheim  Current Residence:  Oppenheim Father:  Dennis Handy,  Mother:  Gertrude Klock   Occupation:  Farmer


Marriage Date:  May 8, 1889
Bride: Elvira Youngs , age 17, Bplace: Ephratah  Current Residence:  Ephratah 
Father:  Timothy Youngs,  Mother: Caroline Kanrought  Occupation:  
Groom:  Arthur J. Denmark, age 24, Bplace: Fultonville  Current Residence:  Johnstown Father:  Leonard Denmark,  Mother:  Adelia Newton   Occupation:  Painter


Marriage Date:  July 18, 1889
Bride: Lelah Congdon, age 27, Bplace: Town/Main  Current Residence:  Lassellsville
Father:  Smith Cogdon,  Mother:  Elen Walter  Occupation:  
Groom:  Charls R. Bessee, age 40, 
Bplace: West Moreland   Current Residence:  Johnstown 
Father:  Franklin Bessee,  Mother:  Melissia Perkins   Occupation:  Musician


Marriage Date:  August, 1889
Bride: Minnie Moyer, age 20, Bplace: Herkimer  Current Residence:  Johnstown
Father:  Norman Moyer,  Mother: Susy Stats    Occupation:  
Groom:  Geo Hayward, age 22, Bplace:  Johnstown   Current Residence:  Johnstown Father:  Wi____ Haward,  Mother:  Anna Watts   Occupation:  Knee Staker


Marriage Date:  September, 1889
Bride: Auliza Countryman, age 17, Bplace:  Gloversville  Current Residence:  Johnstown
Father:  Joel Countryman,  Mother:  Hanah Countryman    Occupation:  
Groom:  Jay Sprung, age 25, Bplace:  Caroga  Current Residence:  Caroga
Father:  Kenouls Sprung,  Mother:  Lucinda Dorn   Occupation:  Farmer


Marriage Date:  September 4, 1889
Bride: Lena Chaterton, age 19, Bplace: Johnstown  Current Residence:  Johnstown
Father:  W. Chaterton,  Mother:  Hanah Palmetere   Occupation:  
Groom:  John W. Everest, age 36, Bplace:  Gloversville  Current Residence: Gloversville Father:  Philip Everest,  Mother:  ______   Occupation:  Glove Cutter


Marriage Date:  September 11, 1889
Bride: Minie Harrington, age 21, Bplace: Stratford  Current Residence:  Johnstown
Father:  Henry Harington,  Mother:  Mary Smith   Occupation:  
Groom:  Ezra Suits, age 22, Bplace:  Johnstown   Current Residence:  Johnstown 
Father:  Richard Suits,  Mother:  Mari Mills   Occupation:  Farmer


Marriage Date:  November 25, 1889
Bride: Sattria Calwall, age 22, Bplace:  Ephratah  Current Residence:  Ephratah
Father:  Joseph Calwall,  Mother:  Eliza Haden   Occupation:  
Groom:  Charles Van Buren, age __, Bplace:  Root    Current Residence:  Johnstown Father:  Norman Van Buren,  Mother:  Catherine Kennedy   Occupation:  Cigar Maker


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