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These records were generously donated and typed by Jeanne Galway.  She writes: "These Clerk Records were found in the home of my Maternal Grandparents, Clarence and Hattie Burdick Foland in 1953 after they passed away and their house was sold.

They were of personal interest to me since some of the records were recorded by not only my Grandfather, but also by my paternal Great Grandfather, George H. Smullen. He passed away in 1946.I have very fond memories of both of these men. Oscar Burdick who is mention many times before 1912, the year he passed away, was my Great Grandfather on my maternal side. I am in possession of his Marriage Certificated to Lottie Hayner in March 1879. My Grandmother Foland'syear of birth was 1880.

Not only family but many of the names that appear were living during my childhood."

The following Clerk's Log Book has been copied with the spelling as it appears in the book, which was kept by the clerk who served in that office for the year.   Explanations where necessary have been put in parenthesis.

The annual meeting were held during the first week of August 1895 until 1910. From 1910 until 1922 they were held the first week of May, with the exception of 1918 when the meeting was held the first week in June.

Special meetings were held when necessary. They are identified as Special Meetings, along with the date on which they occurred.

1895 TO 1922

George Mitler was chosen moderator

Public Money 131.56
Raised in tax 324.13
Cash on hand for 1894 3.32
Paid on last years bills 135.75
Money paid out 412.48
Surplus 47.09

Officers elected for the ensuing year:

Trustee -  William Cromer
Collector Clerk -  Welcarr Favile
Librarian -  John Bruce
Thomas Stewart -   Clerk Protem
Ballot Clerk -  Miles McDowell
   George Smullen

George Smullen, Chairman


Public Money 121.00
Raised by taxes 176.64
Money in Collectors Hands 27.68
Money for fines 16.00
Money Paid Out for Teachers Wages
(Teachers wages Sixteen Weeks, four days)
Second Sixteen Weeks

Expenses 23.87

Officers remained the same with the exception of Clerk,  C. P. Bard.
Voted to raise tax 226.00

Ballot Clerks:   Yost Wallace;  George Smullens


Public Money 126.24
Raised by Taxes 224.01
Money in Collectors Hands 71.40
Teachers Wages for Each Sixteen
Week period

Expenses 57.24
Surplus in Supervisors Hands 30.24

(It appears the Town Supervisor was to hold monies rather than the tax collector. The Supervisor for 1896-1897 was Talmadge Parsons.)

Mr. Ed Hadden was chosen Moderator

Public Money in Supervisors Hands* 21.34
No fines   
Money in Collectors Hands 39.66
Teachers Wages** for
 Eighteen Weeks
 Sixteen Weeks

Expenses 22.90
Surplus in Supervisors Hands 30.24

* (There is no mention as to why this amount is $9.00 less than the amount given to Supervisor in 1897 in the minutes of this meeting.)
** (It appears two weeks have been added onto the school year.)

Officers Elected for the Ensuing Year:

Trustee -  Gene Richards
Collector -  Edward Hedden
Clerk  -  M. J. McDowell
Chairman -   Edward Hedden

M. J. McDowell,  Clerk Protem
G. H. Smullen,  Ballot Clerk


Voted to Raise by Tax 175.00
School House Insured for 500.00
Public Money of 1898 123.24



Public Money in Supervisors Hands None
The amount of Public Money
which was drawing (sentence not completed)

Money in Collectors Hands 39.66
Teachers Wages for 16 weeks
 Fall Term at $8.00 a week
 Spring and Summer Term,
   18 weeks at &$9.00 a week


School Expenses for 1898-1899 23.80
Balance  in Supervisors Hands last fall 21.00

Amount of tax collected by School
Collector Mr. Hedden and
balance in Collector Wallace hands (collected in 1898)

Amount Collected * 216.04
Public Money 139.46
School Expenses 313.85
The amount in Collectors Hands 41.60

Trustee Account excepted for the year 1898 & 1899
* (As you can see there was a 1 cent error in addition)

Officers Elected for Ensuing Year:

Trustee -  Gene Richards
Collector  -  Yost Wallace
Clerk  -  George H. Smullen
Librarian   -   John Bruce

Voted to Raise by Tax           200.00
School House is Insured for   500.00


(There are no minutes for the year of 1900 in the Clerk's Log Book. As you will see, 1901 was a very Special Year. With four Special Meetings , which are self-explanatory.)


Teachers Wages
First Term
Second Term

School Expenses 19.83
For Lumber 17.33
Books & Charts 28.00
Money Collected 244.78
Public Money 109.84
Dist. indebted to Eugene Richards  2.93

Trustee Report Excepted.

A motion made that Eugene Richards be Trustee.

Yost Wallace  - Elected Collector
G. H. Smullen -     "Clerk
William H. Cromer   -     Chairman

G. H. Smullen,  Clerk

Special Meeting August 12, 1901

Eugene Richards agrees to furnish the stone for the wall for 25 cents per yard.  A vote was taken and carried.

A motion made and carried that the Dist. raise $450.00 dollars for running the school and fixing the school house.

A motion made and carried that Ira Rose, David Canfield and Eugene Richards be a committee to look after the repairs of the school house.

John Bruce,   Chairman
G. H. Smullen,  Clerk

Special Meeting August 24, 1901
John Bruce elected Chairman

A motion made that we appoint a committee to confer with Commissioner in regard to a site for a school House.

A motion made that John Edel be one of the committee.  carried.

A motion made and carried that Miles Mc Dowell be one of the committee.  carried.

A motion made that Thos. Stewart be one of the committee.  Voted Down.

A motion made that Edward Smullen be one of the committee.  carried.

A motion made that Eugene Richards be one of the committee.  carried.

A motion made that we build a school house after the County Plans. The cost $800.00 dollars and have 3 years to paid for the school house.  carried.

A motion made that Dist. raise $175, One hundred and seventy-five for school expenses.

A motion made and seconded that we raise $800 dollars by bond to run 3 years. A third to be paid each year with interest.

A motion made and seconded that the old seats be used in the new school unless the Commissioner objects. Voted and carried.

John Bruce,    Chairman
G. H. Smullen,   Clerk

Special Meeting September 18, 1901

A motion made and carried that the Dist. build the School House on the corner of the Peckville & Bull Run roads.  carried; 24 For 20 Against

A vote taken and carried that the District raise $1000. One thousand dollars to build a new schoolhouse. The following voters being present:

David Canfield Mrs. Adam Heden
Mrs. Richards William Rice
Mrs. Judson Ward Adam Hedden
Stebin Skiff Mrs. Mary Stewart
Yost Wallace Oscar Burdick
John Shaffer Daniel Satterlee
Edward Steel John Satterlee
John Johnson William Cromer
Janis Bruce Frank Duel
Judson Ward Eugene Richards
John Bruce J. McDowell
William Blood James Bruce Jr.
James Steel Johnathan Steel
Jay Sanford Philip Edel
Frank Edel Thomas Stewart
Miles McDowell    


A vote taken and carried that the Dist. dig or drive a well on the site of the new school house carried;   21 For None Against

A vote taken and carried that the District buy land for $1000 One thousand dollars.
19 votes cast:    18 votes for three (3) years and 1 vote for five (5) years. carried for three (3) years. To be paid in three (3) yearly payments.

A vote taken to raise $10.00 for Eugene Richards to pay for services.
19 votes cast;      15 For 4 Against
carried to raise $10.00

 G. H. Smullen, Clerk


Trustee Report

Collected by Tax 176.47
Public Money 110.31
Tax to be raised 100.00
(Total Raised) 386.78
Paid Teachers 288.00
Expenses 52.02
(Total) 342.02
Borrowed 61.00
Adam Hedden
Bill for moving water closet (Out House),
laying of stone, lumber, nails & labor 
to be paid

Public Money remaining in
Money appropriated for building a
new School, Oct. 26 1901
W. C. Miles Bill 15.00
J. B. Judson 16.50
W. B. Collins Printing 1.80
R. O. Holmes bill 350.00
Geo. Finckle bill 75.00
"       "       " 100.00
"       "       " 35.00
Abraham Hanson 42.00
Eugene Richards 6.90
Russell Homes 100.00
"       "       " 13.37
Eugene Richards 2.53
(Total) $1,004.00
Eva Jacabson Bill
to be paid with Interest
Charles Burdick Bill to be Paid 28.00
For Stone Eugene Richards 2.00
Money in Collectors Hands 12.77


The District has the right to sell old school house.

A motion made and carried that Thomas Stewart be Trustee. Elected.

A motion made and carried Miles J. Mc Dowell be Clerk. Elected.

A motion made and carried that Oscar Burdick be Collector. Elected.

A motion made and carried that the Trustee have the school policy of the old school house transferred to the new one.  The new school house to be insured for Six hundred dollars.

Ballot Clerks:
John Bruce, David Canfield

George H. Smullen,   Clerk
Chairman,  M. J. Mc Dowell

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