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usa.gif (12791 bytes) Welcome to Fulton County's Military Page.  Here we hope you find a vast array of resources in locating your ancestor soldier or discovering the histories of wars.   THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who helped put this page together, both to those who have contributed information and to those who spent their personal time and typed these pages!

About James F. Morrison
It is without doubt that this military page would not be as helpful and informative without the research and articles that have been donated by Mr. James F. Morrison. With grateful acknowledgement and MANY thanks here, the material is posted with his permission. The articles are his reply to a request for military information to post on the NYGenWeb sites (also check on Tryon, Herkimer and Montgomery NYGenWeb Counties). Mr. Morrison contributes in many ways his historical interests in Fulton County - heavily involved in military reenactment groups, military and historical organizations of the area and Town Historian for the City of Gloversville. Spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc. appear in the following links as they appear in the documents transcribed from.

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Miscellaneous Records

Misc. Military News of Fulton County

French and Indian War

Reuben Willard - Family & military profile

Revolutionary War

Your Revolutionary Ancestor & Organizations - Information on S. A. R., D. A. R., Tryon County Militia, etc.

Revsoldier.jpg (150267 bytes) The following group of links were all written by James F. Morrison for the 3rd Battalion of Tryon County Militia in an article titled,
"The Battle of Johnstown" October 25, 1781
(copyright ©1991)
History of Johnstown Battle
Rosters of Men who fought in the Battle of Johnstown on October 25, 1781
Revolutionary Soldiers' Pensions - excerpts
Letters to Head-Quarters regarding Johnstown Battle

Revolutionary Militia Listings & Documents:
1840 Census of Pensioners
The Boat Service
Claims Against The State - A few estate inventories of losses from military men from the raid of 1780.
D. A. R. Veterans - Rev. Soldiers buried in Gloversville
Captain Bradpick's Company, Pay Roll, August 1778
Capt. Jellis Fonda's Company - 1777 pay roll
Christopher's Fox's Company
Captain Ittig's Company
Col. Klock's Return of Bounties, 1782
Revolutionary Heroes and Sufferers - Those residents from Oppenheim who contributed to Revolution
Those Dead & Buried in Town of Oppenheim - Revolutionary Soldiers buried in Oppenheim, may not necessarily be natives of the area
Capt.'s Thum, Casselman and Getman's Companies
John Winn's Company, 1776, Tryon County Rangers
Captain Yates Men, Men from the Battle of Oriskany, 3rd Company of Tryon County Militia
Captain Gardiner's Men, Selected Pensioners, 1st Company of Tryon County Militia
Colonel Klock's Men, Tryon County Militia, Men Killed, Wounded, or Captured during service

Places & Events during the Revolution:
Battle of Johnstown - as told by Jeptha Simms
Fulton County in the Revolution, by James F. Morrison
Canadian Regiments
Fort Johnson - A Fortified Home
The Great Conflagration of May 1780 -    Part I,    Part II - This was a raid initiated by Sir John Johnson & the Indians against the people of the Mohawk Valley
Mohawk Valley During the Revolution  - Harper's Magazine article, 1877

Soldiers/People during the Revolution:
Jedediah Ayers, letter
Garret Abeel - letter to wife, Mary
DeGraff Papers - pension & military letters found from the DeGraff family papers
Surprise of the Dunham Family - of Mayfield
Capt. John Little - brief summary about his military career & move to Johnstown
Colonel James Livingston, of Johnstown
Daniel Lobdell, Revolutionary War Veteran
Henry Murphy: Wounded at Johnstown - Under command of Capt. Adam Leipe
Frederick Ritter - information about the Ritter's - Frederick, Johannes and Henry
Thomas Robbins, Revolutionary War Veteran
Amasa Stephens - Corporal of Captain John Little's Company
Captain Tice's Journal, 1782
VanBuren Brothers Monument Dedication - Mayfield, Fulton County
Peter Vrooman - an evaluation of his military records
Sgt. P. Wolleber, Loses Brother
Lieutenant Solomon Woodworth - a brief history of his military career and family
Fate of A Scouting Party - a brief account pf Lt. Woodworth's fate, comparing event notes of both sides of the Americans & the British

Civil War

Civil War Listings & Documents:
1883 Pension List for Fulton County - includes soldiers from Civil War & War of 1812
Civil War Soldiers of Fulton County - Surnames A-I    Surnames J-Z
Historical Sketch of Company E, 115th Regiment, N.Y. Infantry Volunteers - Part 1 ~~ Part 2 ~~~ Part 3 ~~~ Part 4
Oppenheimers - The Last List - 180 soldiers who fought from Oppenheim
Prospect Hill Cemetery - Soldier's plot, Gloversville
113th NYVI or later 7th NY Heavy Artillery Regiment
115th Regiment, Company B - Muster Roll
115th Regiment, Company E - Muster Roll
115th Regiment, Officers - Muster Roll
115th Regiment - Article of memories, 1893
115th Regiment - 11th Reunion, 1892
153rd Regiment - 14th Re-union, 1895
115th Buried in Beaufort, S.C. - includes some from the 153rd also
Letter from Surgeon N. Leslie Snow -153rd NYSV report of those killed and wounded
1890 Veteran's Census of Bleecker, Caroga and Perth
1890 Veteran's Census of Ephratah, Ed. District 4
1890 Veteran's Census of Ephratah, Ed. District 5
1890 Veteran's Census of Ephratah, Ed. District 6
1890 Veteran's Census of Gloversville
1890 Veteran's Census of Mayfield
1890 Veteran's Census of Northampton
1890 Veteran's Census of Oppenheim
Fraternal Organizations of Fulton County, News and Notes
Schoharie County Veterans Residing in Fulton County, 1891

Places & Events during the Civil War:
10th Cavalry, at Gettysburg
33rd Reunion of the 115th Regiment, Gloversville, NY
45th Reunion of the 115th & 153rd - Amsterdam, August 26, 1925
Oppenheimers at Olustee - a brief history of the battle and those soldiers who fought were from Oppenheim
153rd Regiment, Camp photo
Battle of Cedar Creek - October 19, 1864, involved 77th NY Regiment
115th Regiment NYSV - Brief account of the siege at Petersburgh July 30, 1864
DUV of Johnstown, 1930

Soldiers/People during the Civil War:
Letter To Lieutenant Abbott - From Simeon Sammons at Head Quarters
Ferdinand Ackerknecht's Obituary - 153rd Regiment NYSV
Letter from Samuel E. Behlen - 142nd Regiment, NY Volunteer Infantry
John A. Brown, 3rd Regiment, NY Artillery, Broadalbin, pension
Captain Buchanan's Obituary - 153rd Regiment, NYSV
Charles Lewis Clark's Obituary - 115th - "Iron Hearted" Regiment
Brief Biography of David Cuyler - 153rd Regiment NYSV
Pvt. Charles H. Demarest - (off site) homepage of Kenneth Elburn Byrd, descendant of Pvt. Demarest originally from Broadalbin
Captain David Getman's Obituary, of the 10th Cavalry
Dwella Groff, Civil War Veteran
Death of Daniel Gustin - 153rd Regiment NYSV
William Hale's Obituary - 153rd Regiment NYSV
Three Miller Boys - from Bleecker
Oliver Perry, Declaration for Pension
Simeon Sammons Farewell Letter, 115th Regiment
Captain William Smith - 115th Regiment, NY Volunteer Infantry
Nathan Tyrell, Civil War Veteran
Death of John Van Brocklin - Under command of Capt. Wm Smith, 115th Regiment, NY Volunteer Infantry
Alfred Wilmarth - 123d NYSV

Spanish American War

General Edgar Dudley - of Johnstown

World War I

Broadalbin Honor Roll
Broadalbin Dedication Ceremony, 1973
Listing of Servicemen, 1918, Johnstown
Welcome Home Celebration, 1919, Johnstown
American Legion Celebration, Post 472, Johnstown, 1921, (includes Women's Auxiliary, Red Cross and Honored Dead)
Oppenheim/St. Johnsville Honor Roll
Remembering Our Past, article by Gordon Cornell
Memorial Day Celebrations

World War II

Events and Times of World War II:
WartimeRationing: - Gas, Food and Sugar
Wartime Efforts: - Collecting Milk Pods
Blackout Regulations
Plane Spotters

World War II Honor Rolls & Documents:
Broadalbin Honor Roll
Broadalbin Dedication Ceremony, 1949
Broadalbin Dedication Ceremony, 1965
Mayfield Honor Roll
Mayfield Veteran Biographies
Lest We Forget... - Servicemen from Oppenheim
Fulton County WWII K. I. A. Memorial, Gloversville

Soldiers/People during World War II:
American Legion Officers, Robert Lee Walsh Post 337, Broadalbin
Souvenir Program, Gloversville High School, November 1, 2, 3 1946
A POW Story:  Clive Berard
Lt. Col. Wm. Gordon Coloney
Dedication to Richard Fraker
Sgt. Fritzen Finds Family in Germany - Mayfield, Fulton County
John Truman Miller, WW II Veteran
George Schuyler (Veteran of 3 "Wars"), Fulton and Hamilton Counties
Major Harold Seykota, WW II Veteran
Raymond Smullen Letters - Johnstown, Fulton County
Memories of William Warren

Korean Conflict

Fulton County Casualties
Brief Bios of the Honored Dead

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